1000 Frama FN Series 9 Franking Labels - Long Single Cut Sheet

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These are high quality 1000 Frama long single franking machine labels. They are Frama FN Series 9 long single labels. These are individually cut franking machine labels and they specifically have a long length design, perfect for Royal Mails separate ‘return address’ policy.

Are You Using The Correct Labels?

If your franking machines franking impression looks similar to the below, with the logo & return address showing, you are purchasing the correct labels for your franking machine.

Correct Long Franking Machine Label With Return AddressIncorrect Short Franking Machine Label With Return Address

PLEASE NOTE: If you use just a logo as below you will need a short version of this label. Click here for the correct label.

Short Franking Machine Label With Return Address

1000 Frama FN Series 9 Long Single Cut Franking Machine Labels

At Franking-Labels.co.uk our franking machine labels are known for being of high quality and very versatile. These long single cut franking machine labels are suitable for a wide range of franking machine impressions, including the Frama FN Series 9 franking machine.

Our franking labels are made of a high quality bright white paper. This product is individually packed in a sturdy box of 1000 high quality bright white cut sheet franking machine labels. Made from the same materials as the original manufacturer Frama.

Product Description:

  • Ideally designed for the Frama FN Series 9 franking machines
  • Franking Machine Label Type: Long Single Cut for the Automatic Label Dispenser
  • Franking Machine Label Size: 175mm x 40mm
  • Box Quantity: 1000 Labels

Franking-Labels.co.uk are an approved distributor and service agent for Frama. Whether you purchase franking machine labels or franking machine ink you are safe in the knowledge that your supplies will be 100% compatible and guaranteed.

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