FP Mailing Optimail 25, 30 Ink & 35 Ink Cartridge - Compatible SMART BLUE Ink

Brand: Franking-Labels.co.uk
Product Code: MCI-OPTICART-30-CB-FL
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PLEASE NOTE: This compatible cartridge is supplied on the understanding that you send us back your old cartridge for recycling and a free post returns bag will be enclosed with your replacement cartridge.

This is a compatible FP Mailing franking ink cartridge. It is a FP Mailing Optimail 25 ink cartridge, a FP Mailing Optimail 30 ink cartridge and a FP Mailing Optimail 35 ink cartridge.

FP Mailing Optimail 25 Ink, Optimail 30 Ink & Optimail 35 Ink - Compatible SMART BLUE Ink Cartridge

This is a compatible ink cartridge coming directly from Franking-Labels.co.uk. Our franking ink has been tested by Royal Mail and our ink is now Royal Mail Approved. This compatible smart blue ink cartridge is designed for the FP Mailing Optimail 25 franking machine, the FP Mailing Optimail 30 franking machine and the FP Mailing Optimail 35 franking machine.

All our compatible ink cartridges contain Royal Mail Approved 'non fluorescent' ink and are tested to give exactly the same yield as a cartridge purchased from FP Mailing. It uses Royal Mail Approved SMART BLUE franking ink.

Product Description:

  • Ideally designed for the FP Mailing Optimail 25, Optimail 30 & Optimail 35 franking machines
  • Ink Cartridge Type: Compatible - 3 per box
  • Ink Colour: SMART BLUE
  • Cartridge Life: Same as FP Mailing published life which is around 3300 prints
  • FP Mailing Replacement Part Number / Product Code(s): 58.0034.3071.00
  • FP Mailing Prices: £84.00 + VAT & Delivery for 3

None of our compatible ink cartridges and labels are manufactured, affiliated or endorsed by the original equipment manufacturer FP Mailing / Francotyp Postalia. Part numbers and model numbers are used for descriptive and reference purposes only.

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