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Welcome to Franking Labels . co . uk, we are an online retailer who are dedicated to providing you with low cost franking labels. Ordering franking machine labels from us ensures confidence and satisfaction that all our products will be fully compatible with your franking machine. To further ensure your satisfaction most of our franking labels are manufactured by the same manufacturers. This means the same materials will be used in your products, some of which are used by the major brands. Our products however are offered at a fraction of the price.

Franking Labels are backed a Royal Mail Authorised Independent Inspector & Maintainers of Franking Machines in the UK.

In addition to supplying franking machines, we have our own brand of franking machine ink that is used in a range of franking machine cartridges, all of which are APPROVED by the Royal Mail. Original, Compatible & remanufactured Neopost, Pitney Bowes, FP Mailing and Frama Ink Cartridges and franking labels are all available at very good prices.

Our Most Popular Franking Machine Supplies

Royal Mail Prices Image

Royal Mail 2018 Prices

The latest Royal Mail Franking prices have been announced. Check out our latest PDF wall poster to see how much franking can save your business. Compare the price of stamps to franks. Pricing for letters, large letters, parcels are available along with a guide. Click here for the Royal Mail 2018 Price List


Royal Mail Approved Image

Royal Mail Approved

We are backed by the UK's favourite franking machine supplier. We are are also a Royal Mail Authorised Independent Inspector & Maintainers of Franking Machines. This means we can inspect and maintain your franking machine in the UK. We also have our own brand of Royal Mail Approved franking ink.


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I would just like to say how Happy we are with the service that you provide, you are always very efficient and when we place an order we are guaranteed to receive this the following working day. Thank you for your continued service and support. Read more testimonials here.


Franking Machines

Franking Machines

If you require a franking machine then we can provide you with one. You might be looking to move away from your typical franking machine suppliers. Check out our range of machines from our main dedicated franking machine website. Click here to view our franking machines.


Pitney Bowes Franking Labels & Ink Cartridges

Pitney Bowes Franking Labels

Use the list below to see if we can supply your business with Pitney Bowes franking machine labels and ink cartridges.

  • DM50, DM55 & DM60
  • DM100i, DM125i, DM150i, DM110i, DM160i, DM175i, DM200i & DM220i
  • DM300c, DM400c & DM475
  • DM400, DM500, DM550 & DM575
  • DM800, DM900 & DM1000
  • Connect+ 1000 2000 & 3000
  • DM200, DM225, DM250 & DM300
  • Secap DP200 & Secap DP400
  • B700, B721 & Post Perfect
  • E700, E725 & Personal Post
  • E211, E511, E521, E581, E586, E591, E596 & E666
  • 5600, 6100 & U561
  • Paragon Series


Neopost Franking Labels & Ink Cartridges

Neopost Franking Labels

Use the list below to see if we can supply your business with Neopost franking machine labels and ink cartridges.

  • IJ25
  • Autostamp
  • IJ30, IJ35, IJ40, IJ45 & IJ50
  • IJ65, IJ70, IJ75, IJ80 & IJ85
  • IJ90 & IJ110
  • IN360 & IN-360
  • IN600 & IN-600
  • IN700 & IN-700
  • IS240,IS280 & Autostamp 2
  • IS330 & IS350
  • IS420 & IS440
  • IS460 & IS480
  • SM22 & SM26
  • 4350, 4400, 4460, 5450 & 5460
  • 7550, 8550, 8660, 8750 & 8760


FP Mailing Franking Labels & Ink Cartridges

FP Mailing Franking Labels

Use the list below to see if we can supply your business with FP Mailing franking machine labels and ink cartridges.

  • Mymail
  • Mymail 3
  • Optimail
  • T1000
  • Optimail 25
  • Optimail 30
  • Optimail 35
  • Postbase Qi3
  • Postbase Qi4
  • Postbase Qi6
  • Postbase Qi9
  • Ultimail 60 & 65
  • Ultimail 90 & 95
  • Jetmail
  • EFS3000


Frama Franking Labels & Ink Cartridges

Frama Franking Labels

Use the list below to see if we can supply your business with Frama franking machine labels and ink cartridges.

  • Mailspirit
  • Accessmail
  • Ecomail
  • Officemail
  • Matrix F2
  • Matrix F2L
  • Matrix F4 & F6
  • Matrix F12
  • Matrix F22
  • Matrix F32
  • Matrix F42
  • Matrix F62
  • Matrix F82
  • Mailmax
  • Sensonic


  • DM50 & DM55 Labels & Ink Cartridges
  • DM60 Labels & Ink Cartridges
  • DM110i Labels & Ink Cartridges
  • DM160i & DM220i Labels & Ink Cartridges
  • DM300c, DM400c & DM475 Labels & Ink Cartridges
  • Connect+ 1000 2000 & 3000 Labels & Ink Cartridges
  • IJ25 & Autostamp Labels & Ink Cartridges
  • IS240, IS280 & Autostamp 2 Labels & Ink Cartridges
  • IS330 & IS350 Labels & Ink Cartridges
  • IJ30, IJ35, IJ40, IJ45 & IJ50 Labels & Ink Cartridges
  • IS420, IS440, IS460 & IS480 Labels & Ink Cartridges
  • Accessmail, Ecomail & Officemail Labels & Ink Cartridges
  • Matrix F12 Labels & Ink Cartridges
  • Matrix F2 Labels & Ink Cartridges
  • Mailmax Labels & Ink Cartridges
  • Matrix F4 & Matrix F6 Labels & Ink Cartridges
  • Matrix F82 Labels & Ink Cartridges
  • Mymail Labels & Ink Cartridges
  • Optimail 25, 30 & 35 Labels & Ink Cartridges
  • Postbase Labels & Ink Cartridges
  • Ultimail Labels & Ink Cartridges