Brand New Royal Mail Size Guide Ruler – Now Including the Small / Medium Parcel Sizes

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Instantly work out the size of your mail items to work out if its either a small letter, a small / medium parcel, a large letter or a packet and avoid Royal Mail surcharges for undelivered mail. This is our brand new Royal Mail size guide ruler and it now includes the small parcel size slot, as well as small and large letter slots.

Brand New Royal Mail Size Guide Ruler

Try our unique size guide ruler today and always ensure you frank the correct price on your mail. This small and compact ruler can be very useful when you are not too sure what size your mail item is. It can inform you whether an item is too thick for a letter or too thick for a large letter. You can now be sure to know if your item is small enough for the new small parcel size.

This is the first size guide ruler of its kind, coming with the brand new small parcel size. Use this Royal Mail Size Guide Ruler in conjunction with a weighing scale and never miss pay again.

Product Description:

  • As of 20th October 2014, the Royal Mail changed their sizes to a new simpler small parcel size. Our New Size Guide will be the only one on the market to offer ‘Letter’, ‘Large Letter’ and the New ‘Small Parcel’ slots.
  • New ‘Small Parcel’ Sizes Included in addition to ‘Letter’ and ‘Large Letter’ slots.
  • Made of a 5mm hard plastic it’s also the only guide of its kind to include measurements up to 460mm which is the depth and width of a Royal Mail ‘Medium Parcel’ size.
  • Useful Help and Contact Information also displayed.

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